Contact Spotting

by Artist based on the work of DUI
A single player mission to check your monitor's settings in relation to spotting far air contacts.
From the cockpit of a Bf-109 you see 16 Spitfires evenly spaced at 1,000 m from 1 km to 16 km.
Pause the game and adjust you monitor's and graphic adaptor's settings for optimal contact spotting.

Instructions are in the briefing.

Download: Contact Spotting 5.6.7z

This was original DUI's idea: "Men who stare at Pixels"


by Brian Kendall
A utility for reordering and hiding controllers for games using DirectInput 8

The main use of this tool is to
  • Hide USB devices from Cliffs of Dover
  • To configure the order in which the devices are recognized.
Source: briankendall / devreorder

ATAG Forum: Solution for pesky "joysticks scrambled AGAIN" issue

Joystick Gremlin

by WhiteMagic

Joystick Gremlin (uses vJoy) allows to map axes and buttons of USB gamecontrollers to keystrokes (or other actions) or to virtual joysticks (e.g. combining several physical into one virtual).

The main features are:
  • Works with arbitrary joystick like devices
  • User interface for common and some not so common configuration tasks
  • Merging of multiple physical devices into a single virtual device
  • Axis response curve and dead zone configuration
  • Mapping of joystick inputs to keyboard and mouse inputs
  • Powerful and flexible macro system
  • Arbitrary number of modes with inheritance and customizable mode switching
  • Conditional execution of configured actions
  • Python scripting support for unlimited customization

Source: Joystick Gremlin


by Artist
A tool to archive and rotate server logs.

Can be used with the WatchDog's Exec before Launch setting to archive the previous log before starting the next mission.
Also allows to remove archived logs older than x days.

Download: logrotate v0.9.0

Navigator App for Bomber Pilots

by Veteran66
The Navigator App for Bomber Pilots is a standalone Windows app for Cliffs of Dover pilots who like to navigate to their destinations.

Navigation devices can easily be moved, placed and used on the map with the mouse.

An "overlay map", containing mission relevant information such as front lines, defense lines, bridges, targets, important flight paths, radio, or direction finder frequencies can be loaded "over" the map itself.

Mission creators (single and multiplayer) can create such an "overlay map" (png image, with an image editor) and distribute it with the mission briefing.

This is suitable for all flight simulations as any flight map can be loaded.

Read more and download at ATAG Forum: Navigator App for Bomber Pilots


by Artist
A tool to rotate missions on a gameserver

The WatchDog is a tool that allows to rotate missions on a gameserver indefinitely.

It automatically restarts the gameserver (with the next mission) whenever the server has been shut down (mission timeout, one side wins).

Download: WatchDog v2.0.7

Documentation in the Server Administrator's Manual", Section "WatchDog"

Discussion at ATAG: WatchDog - A Tool to Rotate Missions On a Gameserver

Colander's original version: WatchDog v1.0.3