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A tool to archive and rotate server logs.

Can be used with the WatchDog's Exec before Launch setting to archive the previous log before starting the next mission.
Also allows to remove archived logs older than x days.

Download: logrotate v0.9.0

Server Administrator's Manual

How to run a multiplayer server, Collected Useful Information
This is continuous work in progress, so look for updates!

Link: Server Administrator's Manual


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A tool to rotate missions on a gameserver

The WatchDog is a tool that allows to rotate missions on a gameserver indefinitely.

It automatically restarts the gameserver (with the next mission) whenever the server has been shut down (mission timeout, one side wins).

Download: WatchDog v2.0.7

Documentation in the Server Administrator's Manual", Section "WatchDog"

Discussion at ATAG: WatchDog - A Tool to Rotate Missions On a Gameserver

Colander's original version: WatchDog v1.0.3