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Collection of resources for the Cliffs of Dover community
This is a collection of resources Team Fusion Simulations provides to the community.

As many things, this is a Work in Progress and will grow over time.

In the Manuals section you'll find spezialized manuals. e.g. for server administrators and mission builders.

In the Missions sections you'll find manuals, examples, tools for mission building

In the Servers sections you'll find manuals, tools for running multiplayer servers


Latest changes
- WatchDog Updated to 2.0.5

- New: Other Guides by Other People

- Updated: Tools: Contact Spotting, aircraft spawn positions had slightly changed with patch028.

- New entry for: Sample Campaign

- New entry for: Skins: SkinningTutorial
- New entry for: Manuals: Notes on IL2 Strumovik Cliffs of Dover
- New entry for: Tools: Contact Spotting

- WatchDog Updated to 2.0.4
- New entry for: logrotate
- New entry for: Joystick Gremlin

- Added section "Tools"
- New entry for devreorder

2021-07-13: Added entry for TacView Support

2021-05-31: Created this website